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How Much Is This Going to Cost?

Because web design projects vary so much in scope and purpose, it is practically impossible to give a quote without knowing the details of a specific project. Most of our sites run between $800 and $2000.

Your initial email consultation* is FREE. We require a non-refundable 50% retainer for the overall web design and concept. This must be paid and a signed contract submitted before we will put you on the schedule.

RUSH FEES: We work very quickly and most people find that there is no need for an extra rush. Let us know your situation and we will try to work with you. Only if we need to work very long, late hours will we have to adjust the fees accordingly.


Found a Less Expensive Designer? Are you Sure?

Our hourly rate is very competitive, but you can find lower. Before hiring a web designer with a lower hourly rate, be sure to ask for an approximate quote to do the whole site and make sure they have an extensive portfolio. We have many years of experience and may spend many fewer hours doing the same amount of work as a less-experienced web designer. Therefore while our hourly rate may be higher, you will be paying for fewer hours, and BONUS, have a beautiful and completed site a lot sooner. Remember, you get what you pay for.


When Is Payment Due?

A non-refundable retainer is required for the overall web design/concept and to reserve a block of time. Please note that we will not schedule work on your site until this retainer is paid and we have received your signed contract. The balance of the quoted fee is due within 30 days of design approval. Note that if you give us the necessary photos, text, and site feedback in a timely manner, your site should be done before your payment is due; however, the balance is due within 30 days of design approval even if the site is incomplete due to a delay in providing us with the necessary files. If this payment is not made on time, a $60 per month late fee will be incurred and all work on the site will stop until the payment is received. If your site has already been uploaded, it will be disabled until the payment, including late fees, is made.


What About Updates?

We can do updates and revisions to your web site at the $60 per hour rate. We have a 15-minute minimum charge, so we recommend sending updates in batches rather than bits and pieces. We will bill monthly for time used during the preceding month.


Contact us for a custom quote—it doesn’t cost anything to ask!